In Conversation with ‘M’

When M was a 4-month old baby, My MIL predicted that M will turn out to be real talkative  🙂  She gave this explanation while putting forth her prediction – J is talkative and So is S, obviously their child will turn out be talkative. Her prediction came true …

It seems when J was a little boy he would initiate and carry on long conversations with visitors and strangers. When his maternal uncle (Neyveli Mama) visits his home, J would seat himself comfortably on his uncle’s lap and keep talking/asking questions continuously not allowing the former’s afternoon nap.

For that matter, Yes  – I was a real talkative child as well. Almost every PTA meeting  – My teachers would complain to my parents about my 1. Carelessness and 2. My Talkativeness. My Sis and I were always encouraged to talk …We’ve always had a healthy social set up at home where we talk freely among ourselves and visitors too.

M being talkative doesn’t come as a surprise. What surprises me is the manner in which he frames his sentences and calmly confronts us at the age of 4…Here goes :

Scene 1 : M’s t-shirt was lying on the sofa in the hall, J picks it up and gently hurls it at M….

J : (Gently hurling the T-shirt ) M – Why is your T-shirt here ?

M : Picks up the T-shirt and with a cool attitude looks back at J and asks ” Daddy, Is this a Ball ? ” in a soft monotone…

J : (Unsuspectingly) – No , It’s not a ball – It’s a T-shirt !

M : Then, why did you throw it ???

J : !@#%^&$%$#$# (Literally thrown aback ..I tell yaa….)

S : Starts laughing aloud ! Ohh my gosh..I tried not to, but just couldn’t hold it !

Scene 2 : In order to encourage M to speak Tamil, I once told him ” Vettila Tamizh, School’elle English ” translates to ” Tamil at home and English at school” and we have tried to follow it and M’s Tamil seems to have improved gradually…

Last night after dinner, I suggested we take a walk in the neighborhood park. We were out in the Park and J asked M which park he wanted to go to (there are 3 small adjoining parks with kid’s play areas ). M answered back in English…

S : M , Tell dad which park you want to go in Tamil…

M : Mommy, I this our home (veedu) ?

S: (Unsuspectingly) No beta, We are outside..This is not our home (we were walking towards the park)

M : Then, Why should I speak in Tamil..this is not our house ! said ” Veetila Tamil “

S : @#$%$#^&*

S – Arey – I meant , You should try to speak in Tamil to mom and dad and English to your teachers and friends – okie ?

 J : Smiling away to glory !

Calm Confrontation is in a way good – he is learning to analyse, tear open and scrutinize the situation, as far as he doesn’t keep confronting us 😉

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2 Responses to In Conversation with ‘M’

  1. ROTFL moment where M is asking “Is this a ball ” 🙂
    Veetila Tamil, he took the literal meaning huh? so cute he is.

    Keep writing his antics, its always nice to know how innocent they are at this age 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      M takes the literal meaning of everything LF, Now, I’m afraid to tell ” TV Poodo ” – Assuming he might push down the TV – Like how Chitti did in Robot 🙂 !!!
      It’s so cute as to how their little minds work !

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