Our bit for the community – TOUCH FLAG DAY !

On Saturday the 3rd of November was Touch Flag Day. I signed up tagging in M, his child care is run by the same organisation . We got to his school around 8.00 Am for a briefing after which we were dispersed off , both parents and their wards to different residential blocks around his child care. We were given a Can for donation with ‘Touch ican’ stickers to be given away to anyone who donates whatever small the amount. The parents were to handle the donation cans (can be handled by persons who were above 15 yrs only) and the kids were supposed to give away the stickers to the donors. The initiative to get the little ones roped into this event is really appreciable – 1. The kids got to understand the very existence of the “under-privileged” whom they are less likely to think about, caught in their busy lives of playing and learning and getting all they want 2. Got an   introduction to the act of community service.


M and I stood close to a fresh-market place where people were doing there Saturday morning grocery shopping and had some small change handy after their purchases (See the strategic location M and I choose..Clever mom and son duo naa ! ). It was a little weird at first – I must confess – saying out loud  “Hi Good Morning – We are from Touch Community Services – who help the needy, the aged and the underprivileged kids. Would you like to contribute ? ” but as I did it again and again with M looking at me surprisingly – I kinda got the flow…As the small donations kept coming in I felt a sense of joy that I just cannot explain. I was doing this for the very first time in my life and I had a little drop of a tear in my eye when I started doing this – It was a good feeling 🙂 M was full of enthusiasm when we started but the 4-year old understandably started getting tired as time went by. We saw different kinds of behavior from people , not that they are wrong – of course they were right by their own rights and opinions !

1. We saw happy donors who were overjoyed with M as he stuck the stickers onto their clothes ..he  could just reach to their tummy’s as he tried to paste it on their chests..some bent down to him..a few hugged him..one aunt kissed him..the other showered their blessings saying “GOD BLESS ” ! It was touching…who wouldn’t want to interact with a four year old who was standing there doing community service :). M went one step ahead,   as I was pitching – he went on to sticking the sticker on people’s clothes before they had decided to donate and that left them with no choice but to donate after a hearty laugh !

2. We saw people who just chose to walk away showing gestures that they weren’t interested – M and I still shouted  “Have a nice day” to them and they smiled back at us. As we stood with the donation can, a few others either used the other side of the pathway and dared not look at us for if they looked I would pitch in my statement putting them in a dilemma of decision making…to give or not to give…he he ..

3. There was one frail looking old lady who was so interested to understand what TOUCH was all about. She went through the TOUCH brochure religiously, as I stood there giving her more information. The time she took to stand there and speak to us – Commendable !

4. There was one couple we met who looked at M in his uniform and throwing a weird look at us, took the liberty to ask as to ” Why M’s school is making these little kids do this kind of stuff ? ” I took the time to explain to them that the kids are provided with an opportunity to learn how to help the poor and that it should be appreciated and not looked down upon.

On the lighter side :

5. We met a well dressed uncle, to whom when I said that his contribution goes towards the needy and the ‘elderly’ said -” I’m an elderly too…TOUCH should help me” and had a hearty laugh as he dropped in his contribution …

6. The highlight was an when an Indian Uncle who after seriously listening to us – with a sad look on his face looked sympathetically at M and asked me if M had parents ? Ohh my GOSH – I laughed out…I explained to him that I was M’s mother and M is helping collect funds for the needy and not for himself ! He’d completely misunderstood !

M was tired at the end of our 3-hour commitment, after which his child care had arranged  a lunch for the volunteers.

I caught up with other mothers and had some mommy talk while M enjoyed playing with his classmates. M is the one in between the long haired little girl and the hairless little boy 😉

A fruitful and satisfying weekend indeed ! How was yours ?

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2 Responses to Our bit for the community – TOUCH FLAG DAY !

  1. That was a wonderful weekend, I am so late to catch up with your post, glad that I am reading before weekend 🙂

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