Of Good Karma (s) and my Carelessness !

Your’s truly has always prided in being a ‘consciously careful’ person – with my belongings, I meant ! I’ve gone to the extent of being so foolishly paranoid that I’ve kept checking constantly for the presence of my wallet or phone or passport or anything important for that matter ! The scare of forgetting them follows me all the time..Two instances to prove the said :

1. My Engineering college was on the outskirts of Bangalore and when on my return journey back home (It was a good 1.5 hrs by 2 BMTC Buses) after collecting my Precious EXAM HALL TICKETS at the end of the semesters..My paranoid brain will keep checking if the Hall ticket remained in my bag continuously after almost every 4-5 bus stops ..Not just that – All of a sudden in a state of shock I would open my bag, check and rest in peace after seeing that damn piece of paper ! The fear of loosing it would shake the day light out of me !

2 . I should mention that on when my official trip to the US – that was before my wedding – I was barely 23 yrs and on a first solo long flight journey – I was so conscious of my passport and wallet (imagine getting stranded in an unknown country without a passport or Cash ) I kept locking my bag pack with a small tiny lock (don’t ask me where i kept the key..pinned to the inside of my jeans pocket with small safety pin – sounds so funny to think of it now !) I had also gone to the extent of making sure that the lock on my bag pack was secure – every single time I went to use the wash room on the flight…I wonder what my co-passenger a mid aged indian lady with a little baby girl would have thought of me..I’m sure , she noticed me doing this ..donno where to hide my face in embarrassment 😦

Now, an introspection as to why this behavioral pattern – my carelessness during my childhood !I have been careless to an extent of forgetting where I kept something though it would be something I just held in my hand a couple of minutes ago…Β would make silly mistakes in my maths test and loose marks where I shouldn’t be loosing and would be branded a “careless girl” and As a solution to my ‘ unconscious carelessness’ being ‘consciously paranoid’ had taken over me !

Getting back to the present !

J, M and I were on a short trip on a long weekend last week to Brunei (Working on my travel review..can expect pictures soon )

Incident 1 : On our way from home to the airport we took a taxi and were greeted by a friendly lady taxi driver and as we reached Changi Airport J casually asked me to pay the taxi bill before getting off..I opened my wallet paid the bill – asked for a receipt and got off – forgetting my dear I-phone in the taxi..As we were nearing our security check, I realised something missing and searched my jeans pockets and bag and asked J if he had the i-phone and to our dismay the i-phone was missing..I was shocked beyond words! I literally froze to the extent that the expression on my face made the guy at the security check doubt if we lost our passports :). I felt a numbness down my knees that I could no longer stand..I sat down on the chair literally shaken…knowing that this one incident was more than enough to destroy our Β trip. During this time J called my I-phone from his handphone…Someone answered it..It was the lady taxi driver – She told J that the phone was left behind and we could collect the phone from her as soon as we get back to Singapore. She gave us her mobile number . Guess what, on the same day that we returned back to Singapore we drove to her home which was just 5 mins from our place and collected my i-phone. First instance of Good Karma ! Thanked her enough and left her a compliment on her Taxi company’s website for her honesty and got a reply from them that she will be rewarded for her honesty.

Incident 2 : At the hotel’s reception in Brunei! J was talking to the receptionist – sketching our sightseeing plans and I went on to buy water bottles for M from the convenience store that was attached to the hotel’s reception. Got the water bottles and as I opened one of them for M. The brat inserted his unwashed finger straight into the bottle contaminating it..I was furious..not just that the water was wasted but because of M’s new-found habit he’d inserted his finger into a glass of milk given to him on the flight a couple of hours ago and I had strictly corrected him (yes – I can get furious with M and I need anger management lessons lest I learn to control my anger myself) With all this drama unfolding. J was done and we left the hotel doors and walked barely a few meters , when we heard the hotel staff calling us . We got back and they held my wallet that I had left behind on the reception’s sofa after buying the water bottles…Ohh my GOD I thought 2 back to back incidents of the same proportion and good karma following us back to back on the very same day ! My wallet was so precious it had my IC in it without which I may not have been able to re-enter Singapore…My Carelessness ! That too from a person who consciously tries to be careful ! I didn’t know what had be-fallen me – but…(hangs my head down in shame….) Second instance of Good Karma..

Good Karma – was following is all through the Brunei trip – we visited The Empire Hotel – Country Club’s Beach and as we were getting back did a rest room trip…and barely walked a few steps out and the restroom cleaner called out to us ..You got it ! J gave me that one look that made me feel so guilty. …this time I had left behind M’s sunglasses (of-course a small thing) but the fact that the rest room cleaner lady went in at that instant and had checked that there was M’s glasses and ran out to find us still there and inform us..ofcourse co-incidence and Good Karma I will call it!

J’s words ” We are surrounded by good people ” sounded so true !

This morning J calls me when I was on the MRT :

J : S – where is my key (we have two sets of house keys with diff key chains assigned to each of us and we are responsible for our own keys ) ? Did you take it ?

S: No’nga..Just check it should be at home..I took my key this morning while I locked the door..

J : S – are you sure check and tell me…

S after checking my bag and finding J’s key….

S: Ohh sorry…It’s your key in my bag..

J: Where are you S ??? Β Translates to ” where on earth is your presence of mind ? ” Are you really in this damn world ???” or ” Ohh my GOD how can you be so careless ? “

S feels so choked and wonders what made me think I took my key – didn’t even notice it was J’s key when locking the door or when even shoving it into my bag…

OMG – what is happening to me ? Do I need medical assistance ? Am I on the way to becoming insane ? Am I lost in my own world of thoughts ? Am I too stressed ? ..Too many questions remain unanswered at this point in time.

PS :My dearest SIS – I know you will read it…but please don’t even think of mentioning these incidents to mom n dad else, I will get a good round of counselling on my daily call with them 😦

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6 Responses to Of Good Karma (s) and my Carelessness !

  1. D says:

    it was told to mum and dad, before i read the last part of the advice to me…..deary sisy hats off to your carelessness ….Your not on your way to insanity …. you were always like this … πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love you for that ❀ ❀ ❀

    • sjscribbles says:

      How mean D 😦 Why did you open your mouth before completely reading the blog ..From now on I should post a warning comment at the beginning of my blog 😦 boooo boo…crying out loud…I love you too…

  2. Hey we all go through this, I had written sometime ago http://weourlife.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/such-days2/ and http://weourlife.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/blind-driving/.

    Past Incident 1 and 2 LOL πŸ™‚
    Now present, You might want t take good sleep and relax as much as you can. Hugs to you. But all incidents do really prove that good Karma do exist πŸ™‚

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Hugs right back to you LF !
    I really don’t know where to hide my face LF πŸ™‚ So True, I think relaxation is what i need right now…The entire home-job balance is driving me crazy…It’s not about the schedules but it’s about my planning and execution – I’m infuriated when I see clothes and toys lying around and my home is not as clean as it can minimally be – The time during weekdays goes more towards cooking after work and there seems to be no time to set things in place ! I will have to plan my life better LF to avoid this stress !
    Seee…I’m still ranting even on a reply to your comment ! I think I’m going insane LF πŸ˜‰ Cheers and Thanks for your comment !

  4. MomWithaDot says:

    Glad the saga of Good Karma followed you around πŸ˜€ The world truly is a better place than we sometimes tend to imagine. All the best !

    • sjscribbles says:

      You are right Mom with a Dot ! I agree – but it also depends on the nature of people you happen to meet ! I’m glad I met “good at heart ” people who were honest. They do make the world a better place πŸ™‚

      Just read your Mayan Prediction – you gave me a scare – glad you had other two links to prove otherwise !

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