Happy Fourth Birthday , Darling M – 22.10.2012

Dear M,

Happy Birthday Darling ! Wish you loads and loads of happiness all your life !

Ohh it was a wonderful day ! It was your birthday and we really enjoyed every bit of it. We went shopping on sunday for goody bags and return gifts for all your classmates. A vanilla sponge cake was ordered and he had a wonderful celebration at your day care during your morning tea-time …Mom and Dad had applied leave as we had a series of tasks lined up for the day after your B’day celebration. I know..you were smiling your heart out when you saw us at your day care..You were partly proud and partly happy !

When you woke up in the morning and saw all the goody bags packed by mummy (woke up at 3.30 am to get done with the arrangements and the house chores :-))  and all the return gifts lined up..you said ” My Mommy and Daddy and I are very good…because we have bought so many gifts for my friends ! “

M – it’s been 4 years since you came into our carefree lives and our life has changed so much for the better…Dad and I have become more responsible as individuals …when we both sometimes fight over trivial things and feel utterly bitter, you have been the “reason for us to get on and get going in life” and we cannot deny that …I keep wondering as to from where this little boy jumped into our lives and has become so much a part and parcel of it.

It dawned on us that you are no longer a baby, when the other day at “Peace Plaza – Dhoby Ghat Mall ” we were at a juice shop waiting for the ordered sugar cane juice to be delivered , while you made a serious announcement in Mickey Mouse’s accent- you said ” Mummy and Daddy..you both wait here , I will go to that toy shop and come back ” ! We were so pleasantly taken aback that the only thing we were able to do was burst out laughing !

That little baby that I saw 4 years ago has been replaced by an energetic, talkative, naughty boy who always wants to be called a “Good Boy” in-spite of being stubborn and demanding  at times ! You literally melt me away when you jump up to me out of the blue and plant me with unlimited kisses on my cheek and I squeak with joy 🙂

It’s so damn cute to see you with pleading hands ” Please don’t scold me..don’t scold me anymore – mummy and daddy  ! ” when you have received an over dosage of scoldings for that particular day for bad behavior !

When dad wanted to repair that computer speaker, you jumped in to help and your dad being your dad , very patiently let you tighten all the four teeny weeny screws on the front panel of the speakers ! It wasn’t a surprise as you have had this natural tendency towards tools ever since you were a crawler and have been an ardent fan of Handy Manny ! Remember you hit your friend Tejas anna with a plastic hammer right on his head on your first birthday party..Go hunt and check for that birthday video right now …

Your stylishly posed picture – has received 50 Likes and 47 comments of blessings and wishes from all our friends as of now and I’m sure there are more coming in on my Facebook page !

Dad picked you up from your child care on your birthday and you came running to the door as excited as you can be and showed me a plastic bag full of gifts from your classmates and your teachers and you exclaimed ” See mummy-I got so many presents ! ” …and the entire evening was spent in opening the little cute gifts..A multicolored Pen, An Aeroplane, A Chinese Number Book, Cute paper Clips, a Small White Board and can you believe it..your friend R’s mom packed a lip balm and a small slim body spray (a gift for your mummy ;-))

We had a small celebration at home..with a tiny little chocolate cake (as compared to the big square cake we had at the daycare) and the three of us celebrating as one sweet family in front of candles lit and a small prayer before cutting the cake…family tradition ..okie !

Amma’s,  Chicken Biryani made specially for the occasion turned out really well and you enjoyed it as much as we did 🙂

Lemme me do a photo update of the blog when really have the time to do so, pictures for records sake !

Have a Wonderful Year Ahead – Darling !

Love you,


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4 Responses to Happy Fourth Birthday , Darling M – 22.10.2012

  1. Titaxy says:

    Happy birthday to M!

  2. Wishing you a wonderful year and happy birthday M,

    Waw this is such a beautiful letter, I could feel lot of love through out the post. You woke up at 3.30 am, we can do anything for the loved ones isn’t it.

    “Dad and I have become more responsible as individuals ” How true is that Kids do change our world.
    Would love to see the pics. do upload when you get time.

    • sjscribbles says:

      Thanks so much LF 🙂

      Yaa LF – I woke up at 3.30 AM to pack the goody bags and get the arrangements done on Monday morning…This is because we did a delayed shopping on Sunday night and got back home at 10 pm+ and did’nt have the time ! BTW, I just wanted to finish off the house hold chores by 7.00Am and start the day fresh without any pending jobs ! Almost the entire day after the B’day celebration J and I had to three more tasks lines up including the Doc’s visit for Slip Disc…

      True, LF ! We got the feeling of being adults only after M came into our lives 😉

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