Nursery Class Function !

The Saturday the 29th of the month of September was announced as the day for M’s class function. M was really excited as the school had this event planned on the beach at East Coast Park. On Sep 28 we received a circular from the school stating the timings and whereabouts – The Circular also had a disclaimer that claimed – In case of rain then the beach part will be changed to a train adventure trip called “Art at the MRT”. It was  parents choice to bring in any eatables for the party so I’d decided to take jam-sandwiches. As I was preparing for the party during the day J’s neck pain aggravated and he decided to opt out of the party and so I decided to take M through the school transport. As M and I were getting ready to go..The rains came in and  destroyed the beach party plans and M was left disappointed  😦 What a start to the ever so anticipated D-day !

The school transport now was directed to drop the parents and the kids off at the nearest MRT on the North East Line. M’s energy began picking up but he was not his usual self as he kept brooding over the beach venue being cancelled. We were split into small teams of 5 kids and their parents. We were instructed on getting off at different stations on the MRT and different activities were planned for kids inside the MRT Station wrt to the art in there. Art on the MRT ? I wondered..I’ve heard of it though, but never ever had the time to go in search of the sublime art displays at the MRT – A good opportunity – I thought to myself….

1. Little India : Little India MRT has these Oval shaped symmetric design on the floor and with striking similarity the kids were taught to cut out an “Origami” design on paper. It was a nice learning  though M was crying to handle the scissors all by himself…

2. Potong Pasir : Potong Pasir MRT revealed something that can go unnoticed so easily…the words – “YOU ARE ALWAYS IN TRANSIT” is painted on a sequence of 4 pillars with uneven breaks in the sentence that you will have to stand at an angle to read these words on corresponding pillars to complete the sentence…interesting…

3. China Town : China Town MRT has these uniquely inscribed Chinese letters just as you get off the MRT, the school had pictures taken of all of these letters and jumbled them and asked us to tick every letter we came across…which was a good 20-min activity…

4. Clarke Quay : Clarke Quay MRT has these tiny geometric shapes rectangle’s with edges cut..with an eye like design in the middle..we were to count how many of these shapes were present at the MRT station .It was fun. Though, I get off/on at the Clarke Quay MRT everyday for work..I have’nt noticed these shapes which were supposed to be ‘Art on the Floor ‘ 🙂

5. Farrer Park : Farrer Park MRT was our last stop for activity before the school transport will drop us off at school premises. There were giant art pieces on the wall with the Olympics theme – of various sports..The kids were to stand there and click pics posing to be horse riding or running..whatever the sport in the ART behind them…by this time M’s energy was at it’s peak and he really had fun..glad he did…

We got back to school to find a wide range of food items for us to savour…felt good to have my  sandwiches adorning the centre table. Last but not the least – there was the memorabilia of the day to be made with the kids.. dip your hand into colored ink and hand-print them on your sheets – wait untill it dries and carry them home..this is when we missed J the most as we wanted to have his hand print along side ours…Image

Enjoyed the goodies, M was given more packets of chips and crunchies to take home, M hugged almost all of his  teacher’s and thanked them for the wonderful arrangements and as we headed back home we realised that the day was a good way to a Happy Day and a Happy M 🙂

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