Snuggling to Sleep :)

M being the only child (as of now ! No..I’m not ‘Expecting’ ;-)) enjoys all the attention he can get and the little prankster that he is will demand attention if he doesn’t get it. I’ve noticed that M particularly wants to be in the ‘middle’ always…in the middle of anything and anyone…if all the three of us are taking a walk with J and M on either sides of me. M will notice in a fraction the fact that he’s not in the middle and would barge in-between us hufff…this being in the ‘middle madness’ continues when he is amongst his friends, cousins and even his soft toys (can any child beat that !) The Donald Duck and the Teddy Bear cannot sit together-next to each other…M has to be in the ‘middle’ of the two…he can’t take it if he isn’t in the middle !

This ‘middle madness’ didn’t affect our lives much as it would anywhere else other that the bedroom. Sleep deprivation did hit when M was born but in a matter of 6-7 months M started sleeping through the night and J and I weren’t affected by the most common parenthood dilemma’s until M grew to be 3+ yrs…Sleep deprivation seeped in for us because of this ‘middle madness’ ! He has to sleep in the middle and between us. This picture I found on one of the forwarded e-mails depicted exactly what was happening with M in the middle –

We desperately were looking for a solution when M’s teachers happened to be on a student home visit. They came over to inspect M’s home environment and his toys. They were surprised to hear that M was still co-sleeping with us. They suggested that he is made to sleep alone. J and I after a lot of thought agreed upon this suggestion and were just waiting for it to be implemented. For two weeks now M has managed to sleep in the other room……wait …..not yet……but now we have a new problem.

I’m a person who ” sleeps as soon as I hit the bed ” and  in the pretext of putting the lil-one to sleep I lie on his  bed with plans of waking up and sneaking into the other room …but …shamelessly fall asleep even before M. What can be expected after a tiring working day and the cooking and cleaning…I just snooze off on M’s bed just to be woken by the morning alarm – leaving poor J sleeping alone (just like the very last snippet in the picture – how co-incidentally true 😉 

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4 Responses to Snuggling to Sleep :)

  1. shaktii says:


    Nice blog you have, i came across your’s through pepper. we also live in spore.. visit mine to know more abt me is interested 🙂
    How old is your kid?? i can relate to this post totally.. we also going thro the same phase at the moment. Normally its one of us sleep alone and the other sleep with the kid he he..But we havent tried separate room for the kid hubby says it will take atleast 8 or 9 yrs old for indian kids to adapt to their own room..

    • sjscribbles says:

      Dear Shaktii, Nice to read your comments ! True – Co-sleeping with the lil ones can be a difficult phase for most indian parents, no wonder parents in the west train their kids to sleep alone from as young as 3mnths old 🙂 Hope your daughters cough is ok..have you restarted your gym schedules ? Nice knowing that you too live in Singapore – Keep Commenting 🙂

      • shaktii says:

        Hi sj,

        Thank you,
        hmm western parents are bold in a way.. but we dont have heart to leave them thats the problem..but the good thing is our children are more attached to us even when they are old.. which causes envy to the ppl in the west nowadays and hope they are slowly changing 🙂
        My daughter is recovering..worse in the night she could not sleep due to cough..
        i havent started gym where do you live?? which part of india you belong??

      • sjscribbles says:

        Hi Shaktii,
        I live in the North-east part of Singapore, I’m from Bangalore.
        Hope you’r daughter recovers fast 🙂

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