‘Slip-Disc’ Slips Back :(

When we were just married in 2006 – we were confronted with a unexpected medical problem – J started to have strong pain in his shoulders which extended to his left hand, we tried several remedies but in vain and I remember that one of the doc’s even did an ECG just to eliminate doubts of a heart defect suspicion. After enough tests and X-rays and MRI’s it was diagnosed as a slip-disc problem on the neck .

If any one is wondering what a Slip-Disc is –  ” The spinal column is mainly made up of fused vertebrae and spinal disks. The latter ones are donut-shaped organs and have jelly like substance encased by hard exterior. They are present between to adjacent vertebrae and act as shock-absorbent organs that protects the vertebrae from bumping into each other and prevent untimely wear and tear. In slipped disk condition, no disk actually slips from its place. It is a layman’s term to describe the condition. A more appropriate term for slipped disk is ruptured disk. It is also called herniated or prolapsed disk. Under excessive pressure, a spinal disk may split or rupture and then, the jelly in it seeps out. This puts pressure on the surrounding tissues which can be spinal column or a nerve in the vicinity. It causes pain in the low back, hands and legs. ” Source :Buzzle

Just a month after our wedding J was on an official trip to Spain and this was about a couple of weeks after the pain began. J visited a doctor there who spoke in Spanish and had a translator – After other medical suggestions J was also told that if he put’s on weight then this problem will diminish by itself and surprisingly it actually did –  J put on weight after the wedding (it just happened – he didn’t intend to!) and the harrowing neck pain magically disappeared not showing itself for a good 6.5 years .

All of a sudden – Now – it props up putting the hubby dear in terrible pain…Out came the 6 yr old collar that is wrapped onto his neck these days. It’s not that J’ has reduced his weight now, but seems like it is due to improper postures and undue strain on his neck 😦

The general doc we visited last sunday has referred us to a specialist whose latest appointment is 3 weeks away !  The medico’s suggest that physiotherapy should help..I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the pain disappears magically !

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2 Responses to ‘Slip-Disc’ Slips Back :(

  1. My hubby went through similar pains, he was very thin when we got married and he used to get pain often , later it reduced, now he is getting the pain back. Let me know what your specialist has to say.

    • sjscribbles says:

      Ohh..What a co-incidence (but on the negative side of getting back the pain 😦 ..Sigh..). We have the appointment on Monday and will get back to you on what the specialist doc’s got to say ! As far as what the general doc advised – an improper position might have triggered the pain off again LF…just ensure your hubby doesn’t strain his neck unknowingly !

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