Impressing Ms G

The little brat was playing with my phone on my b’day…Phone rings..Brat hand’s me over the phone..I see it’s from Ms G….Shocked as I am to see a call from her on a weekend – I attend the call and wanted to apologise immediately suspecting M should have given her a  missed call  mistakenly, but even before I open my mouth..Ms G gets me dumbfounded by wishing me “Happy Birthday”… M wishes to speak to her . M asks who are you ? Ms G says  :Your Mommy’s teacher at office ! So that’s Ms.G my manager at office. She remembered my B’day that I casually mentioned to her someday . So sweeeet na…


Ms G (Handing over my attendance sheet) : Sign this for me please – S

Me (S)  :Sure Ms G (S sees Ms. G has marked full attendance for the month )

S getting back to Ms.G : Ms.G remember the 4 th of this month my M wasn’t well and I applied for urgent missed that..

Ms G :  Awwww S you are so honest !


All in the team know that there is a lack of staff that week and S one day – messages Ms G : Dear Ms G – I’m on medical leave today – cannot bear my toothache – will have to go to the dentist.

Ms G sms’s back  : Ok S ..take care

S (after the dental visit ) : Ms G , I think I can still get back to work…I’m done with the dentist !

Ms G :Are you sure S ? if you do I’ll definitely appreciate it !

S: Sure Ms G – I’ll be there to help (though on a medical leave)

Ms G :  Awwwww S – Thanks so much


S overslept and messages Ms G : Ms G so Sorry..Overslept will get to office by 10.30Am..

Ms G : Ok see you at office

S gets to office at 10.30 AM and in the evening at about 6.00 PM goes to Ms G’s cubicle.

Ms G : Are you ok S ?

S : Yes Ms G, I’m so sorry I over slept

Ms G : S aren’t you supposed to leave by 5.00PM today ?

S: Ya Ms G, but I stayed back..I was feeling very guilty of coming in late so I stayed back to pay back..I also took only 1/2 an hour lunch instead of 1 hour…so I made up for the 1.5 hrs I came late this morning

Ms G : Awwwwww S you are so awesome 🙂 Dedicated !  – So proud of you and “GOD BLESS YOU”

Ms G really inspires me every single time I look at her . She is in her early 50’s and  has been with the company for 32 years…a small built , frail and caring woman. She was only born in  India but grew up in Singapore – She has spent her entire life in Singapore , she has two grown up kids aged 25 and 23. What impresses me about her is her attachment to her roots and traditions ..every single day I see her clad in a saree..sometimes with flowers on her hair…you can hear her anklets tinkling as she approaches you..I have never seen her without the kumkum/sandanam  (sandal paste) on her forehead..All this from a lady who has lived her entire life in Singapore surrounded by women in micro mini’s and fashion fiesta’s….Impressive ! Salutes to her Indian traditions and values for not changing though her high position in this company !  


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