Delightful Surprise :)

Rushed back home after’s like clockwork every weekday (no complains..I enjoy this more than being a stay at home wife/mom ) I leave office by 6.05 pm ..walk up the MRT …take the 6.21 train…get off the MRT at 6.41…take a bus and reach M’s child care at 6.50 pm and then get home…My parents call me every single weekday without fail during my journey back home because they understand that as I get home I get just busy with the chores.

On Tuesday I followed the exact same evening routine and when M and I got to the door – we noticed that J was already back home and what do i get to see –


These sandwiches were a pleasant surprise for the hungry looking tired creatures and that too from J ! I must tell that “J” is more of the non kitchen kind of a guy who would ocassionally upon repeated request cut a few veggies to help me and mind you that’s only “when he feels like doing it” :). J has tried his hand in the kitchen during the time I was pregnant with M and my morning sickness extended to the entire day…Other than that …NO ! J prefers walking down to a food court and eating some chinese or malay or Indian paratta’s or just something that can fill his tummy rather than getting his hands dirty !

As I was eating the sandwiches I was smiling uncontrollably …the ordinary sandwiches seemed tasty just because my husband had thoughfully made them. J had assorted them – with Nutella, Peanut Butter, Cheese-Letuce-Chilli..and had made the best use of the available resorces at that point of time.

A Delightful Surprise – Indeed !

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