Language Dilemma for M

There has for long been confusions about which language M will embrace in school, other than his medium of instruction which is English. Which ever language M takes up J and S shoulder the responsibility of teaching M that langauge just as any other parent would.

The Confusion starts here – S is from Bangalore and J is from Chennai. S learnt Kannada as her second language in school while J learnt Tamil. S can only speak Tamil. J does’nt know more than a word called “Gothilla” ( Don’t know) in Kannada.

When it comes to M at home or at school – he thinks in English, speaks in English and responds in English (even when we speak to him in Tamil , huff ..atleast he understands and speaks broken Tamil 🙂 ) .

M also currently learns Chinese as one subject in his child care. M open’s his chinese reader and reads with confidence   “Chi che shi shu kya he ma ”  and asks S “Is this correct Mummy ? ” and The baffled S responds saying – ” I’m so sorrry M –  I don’t know Chinese..”  Only his chinese teacher can teach him Chinese for now. We can handle the situation this way may be untill M completes his Kindergarten..but when it comes to being in Primary School – The language needs to be taken seriously.

Looking at the options available to us for M’s language selection in schools in Singapore  – Tamil is one of the official languages offerred in all most all primary schools, other than the Chinese and Malay. Hindi is offered in the Indian International Schools here , where we don’t intend to place M.

If M can take up Tamil – then who is going to teach tamil ? This is the big question. S does’nt know to read and write Tamil .  J ofcourse cannot be relied on for his career callings and job timings can be so unpredictable or ‘just that he may just not be in the mood to teach M “. So in that case whether M takes up Chinese or Tamil – It’s actually going to make no big difference to ‘S’ ,  as she must consider extra coaching classes for M. 

One important factor that both S and J agreed on was that both Tamil and Kannada – when it came to pre-university stage it really gets complicated with Halle Kannada (Ancient Kannada) and Ancient Tamil kicking in …unless the student is an ardent language fan – it becomes more of a headache in putting in so much effort into the languages along with battling the main chosen course of study.

Looking at ” which language can help M – in his future ” we were considering French as an option – in case we happen to move back to Bangalore then there are quiet a few good schools which offer French in Bangalore and M will just need to take extra coaching classes in Singapore. Just as he would do if he takes up Tamil or Chinese..

After enough wishful thinking we decided that it is best if M could learn French then he can easily survive in any European Contry, With English he’ll survive the US and with the little bit of Chinese knowledge – he’ll conquer the Asian countries ! Are we bringing up the next modern Napolean ? Conquerer of continents through languages  🙂

oooph ! Decision making skills do get sharper with Parenting ! Just Waiting for M to grow up and decide things for himself ..and then we would have opened another pandora’s box while we start analysing the pros’s and con’s of M’s very own decisions…Life goes onnn…

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2 Responses to Language Dilemma for M

  1. This sound so much like my story with few variation of the languages. I speak Malayalam, Hubby speaks Telugu, Daughter speaks English,Spanish. I have written a similar post sometime ago. Parenting is never an easy job 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      Golden words LF ” Parenting just doesn’t seem to be an easy job ” – that too with just one kid ! I’m coaxing M to improve his broken Tamil…just wishing myself LUCK !

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