Letter to M – Written on 22.10.2010 – On his Second B’day !

On old post  – imported from my private blog on “Blogger”. This post is much influenced by “Boo’s Baby Talk ” . I’m a fan of her’s since I was pregnant with M.

Dear M, 

Happy Second Birthday Darling !

Your Daddy and Mommy are full of smiles today as its your b’day. I feel happy and can see the happiness in your daddy – He mentioned that we will visit church today on account of your Birthday.  

It’s been two years already since you’ve come in to our lives – Ofcourse, there have been ups and downs and we have faced all as a cute family. Mom n Dad recalled the day you were born, Daddy was living at V uncles’s home 3500 miles away from mom,  he was at office when I called and told him that we had to rush to the hospital as my waters had broken – ur dad sounded puzzled :)…  I remember talking to your dad after you were born and when i was out of the OT ; I told daddy that I was fine – you are very cute and you were crying !

Dear M – Let me tell you something – From when I’m married to you Dad – I’ve always kept his picture in my wallet..always..He is most special to me and he is everything of my life..part and parcel..reflection and image that I cannot get over…(psst..your dad may call it show off..) On the same note – when you were born I just did’nt bother putting your picture in my wallet..I just did’nt feel like doing so…for I know that one day there will come a girl in your life and she will love you just like I love your dad..and she will (might) keep your picture in her wallet…I would have offered you this explanation – when you grow up and ask me as to why I’m having only dad’s picture in my wallet. 

Now – I tell you Papu-ma ; that I just cannot resist the urge to keep ur picture in my wallet – as you have become so much a part n parcel of both our lives in the two years. Our life is revolving around you !

Today your picture gets into my wallet !

 I must agree – that I’m the impatient parent with you. You dad does keep his cool most times, while I barge at you angrily all the time. I hold my heart in my hands – I cannot stand you falling or hurting yourself. I scream like a demon! Mother hood has changed me and Now – I must change myself for the better – at least before you grow up and tell me “ Amma – don’t shout and have some patience “ 

We’ve lived through challenging times from your 1st b’day to your 2nd. Your hospitalization and surgery came as a hard blow on our ever so normal lives. It made us realize what life was , the value of it ! It showed us the worth of a normal daily life ! We could’nt bear to see you go through the physical trauma – but we were with you with our priority being to help you back to normal and I should say we did it ! The doctors visit this Monday revealed that you don’t have to get back to the hospital again not for check up relating to the surgery.

 It is a very nice feeling to hear you say new words – Key, Pigeon ,Cartoon…Oh..we love you Chelamma !

 All said ! May you enjoy your 2nd to your 3rd B’day ! May it be filled with happy moments and joy !

 A peek into your year ahead –

 1. Your Mini – B’day party this Sunday !

2. India trip in December

3. Change in child care from January (TS to T) – I’m sure you are going to miss your Teacher R (who you call Teacher Bahbah)

4. More of Car travel – (Your Dad’s got his first car , this month )

 Happy B’day Darling !

 Love  – Amma

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4 Responses to Letter to M – Written on 22.10.2010 – On his Second B’day !

  1. Mrs D says:

    Lovely dear S, you have written exactly what a mom feels for her child!!!

  2. sjscribbles says:

    Thanks Mrs D ! I’m so glad to recieve your comment 🙂

  3. Such a sweet letter 🙂 Looks like his birthday is around the corner. Happy Birthday to M 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      Yes LF ! Birthday is round the corner and I’m shopping for goody bags and return gifts for his classmates – now…His B’day excites me more than himself – I guess 😉

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