Darling – ‘M’

M’s weekday starts at 7+ . S being the “do things at the last minute mom” wakes him up right on time for him to Brush, Bathe, Wear his uniform and Barge out of the door with his Bag and Breakfast. The day care is at a 10 mins walk from home and after dragging M and dumping him there. S’s hurries of take a bus and then a train to work. M’s eats his breakfast on his morning walk to the child care with one hand and the other hand held by S – he toddles along !

S gets back from work at 6.30PM and picks M up before getting home…M does enjoy his life at his child care compared to being at home. S feels it’s so much better that his time at home almost spent on the i-phone, i-pad and the laptop ! Kid’s these days I tell yaa 🙂 Technology Spoilt !

Must tell you guys that S does feel a “Guilty Mom” feeling ! She does wonder if she’s doing the right thing ! Of course SAHM and Working Mom’s do have their pros and cons.

– M out of no-where the other day said, Mummy ” you go to work everyday ok..I’m happy at school – you can come and pick me up in the evenings ” – You call this ” MATURITY” @ 3.5 yrs…LOVE you my Baby !

– M keeps reading aloud the parking slot numbers as we head back home from Child Care..He reads out 34 , 33, 32 , 31 and Thirty ZERO..Made me Smile..

– M loves it when I read to him – The Little red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three bears, Shoe Maker and the Elves, Three Little Pigs, The Clever Rabbit and the way M keeps narrating the Crocodile and Monkey Story is interesting as the story takes a different turn single time he narrates it.

– OUR FATHER in HEAVEN..can be recited by this little champ –  even when S decides to skip the ‘Prayer before Bed’ routine and tries dozzing off…M wakes her up ” Mommy wake up we haven’t Prayed” and S shamelessly tries to escape and says ” Pray yourself – M”. M says ” momma you cannot do that ! Sit up and keep your hands together and say it with me ” Disciplining takes a reverse turn !

  • – S to M :  “M can you tell me two creatures that can fly high – really high ?”
  •  M : ” Super heroes and Flying Dinosaurs” !
  •  S : #$*$%*** What ?
  • M : Yes – Super Heros and Flying Dinosaurs fly really high !
  • S thinking ” How do i get this back into the real world from the cartoon world he’s living in ? – million dollar question at this point of time  !

– ” Mummy Are you Angry with Me” ..”Please mummy can i watch micky mouse..please please please” …”Mummy can i play ONCE MORE..once more only”…”Mummy why is’nt my birthday coming ”  – You are lovely Darling !

When I hold you hand and walk with my head held high..I am proud..a really proud mother…I’m really proud of having you in my life , beta ! Love You ‘M’

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