Just Married Please Excuse Contest !

 I’ve started a public blog ! What made me do so ? A Contest ! Which Contest ?

Just Married Please Excuse by Yashodara Lal !

Whether I win or don’t I’m still a winner. Yash, thanks for having this contest I practically began a blog to participate..Participation is more important you know 🙂 ! My prize – Of-course , I will get it by default – The friends I will make through this blog !

Here goes my entry !

Most Unlikely Pair – Sealed by Fate !

There was once a guy called J. One fine morning J went to his IT park office to work just as usual and like most Indian bred engineers was living in a different city as compared to his parents. ‘B ‘  was J’s colleague and good friend who sat directly opposite adjacent to J . J causally logged off a rediff e-mail inbox  and at the log out page flashed an add posting for Rediff Matchmaker, which had a sexy looking model that caught B’s eye from J’s computer. Now, B decided to click on the link hoping that it would  land him into another world of similar beauty queens surronding him and tringggggggg an alarm rang in B’s mind that he was married and  his morals didn’t qualify him to do so …Eurekha ! So he decided to let J plunge into this dream of his ! B hurriedly typed out a profile in J’s name..looking for a  prospective bride ! J truly didn’t have anything to do with this …Except be led by fate and was registered on Rediff Matchmaker..take note everyone ! (rolling eyes)

Now here’s S’s family – busily looking for marriage proposals for their elder daughter as she was getting ‘old’..23 yrs old you know 🙂 They turned to the internet and S’s dad found J’s profile to be one of the suitable ‘Bakras’ he found online at that point of time and sent him an instant message stating interest and leaving behind his number. J called back – mentioning to S’s Dad that the whole thing about his profile being on the web was a complete hoax and his friend put in there just for fun..S’s dad being a ‘wise man he is and will always be’ (love you daddy !) – mentioned that it was fine…and thanked him for the call ..but decided to keep the Bakra tied to a slim string and ended the call with – ” If it’s GOD’s Will – you may never know what may happen ” kindda sentence and ended the call .

Processing happens people 🙂 The brain and it’s complexities ! J’s mind began churning at the very thought of having spoken to a prospective girl’s dad and in his discussion with his friends at office they did their part in strengthening the slim sling that S’s dad has fastened to the Bakra’s neck and asked J to discuss the matter with his parents.

Next..J did something that would make the string so strong that he got tied on to the S’s family as a true Bakra  for the rest of his life…and Boom…You guessed it right 🙂 (no prizes for guessing !) He discussed it with his parents .It so happened that when J discussed  this with his parents – his parents conveniently presumed that J’s really interested in the proposal and must have had a love chakkar running behind their backs as he was living in the same city as S’s family and both J and S were in the semiconductor field.The parents decided to take the proposal forward – The decision that they regret to this very day..He he he..(sarcastic grin…) They wanted J to be married when he is older and to someone of their choice which never happened 😦

By the way heres “S” and this is her blog ! Drum rolls please ! S being the naive “parents will find a Bakra for me type ” just didn’t know J until that point of time –  for may be even after a good 2 mnths ever since J’s first conversation with her dad – until one day her dad asked her to mail her pic to J and then moving forward J and  S started emailing each other as friends..J and S are basically from Two different states – Two entirely different people – Two different cultures – Two different worlds ..but there was an attraction I must say and as a result J succumbed to be the Bakra..and from that day forward J and S have a life together for 7 years under the same roof and  without killing each other (though the parents who brought them together have been at loggerheads ever since the wedding he he he (evil grin) )  J and S have now sprouted a tiny little sweetheart called M between them. That’s the story of how the Most Unlikely Pair were Sealed by Fate !


J and S tie the Knot !

The day of the wedding was chaos…Actually J and S ‘s family realised that each of them were so much culturally different even though they belonged to the same religion ..but this realization came upon them not too late or not too early but EXACTLY on the very day of the wedding…The wedding being almost on the tiny verge of a call off… tumbled and shook but just managed to stand on it’s feet and take off….fate got J and S together no matter what may come it’s way  🙂

The differences in their families varied from toe rings to transport ! Both families were following entirely different rituals and neither had known what was expected of each other…You could ask me why they didn’t discuss tiny winy customs as a part of pre-wedding talks ! There was a fat communication gap you see….

J’s family expected that the toe ring will go into S’s toe’s after the wedding with his sisters putting it on for her..while S’s family did a  small custom early morning on the wedding day and fused the toe ring into S’s tender toes even before J’s family came to S’s home to hand over her wedding Saree…hufff……J’s dad expected S’s dad to send a car to transport J’s family to the wedding venue of which S’s dad had no idea off and this was last minute information..But Since J’s dad mentioned it..S’s dad..out of  frustration and the wedding tension looming over him mentioned sternly that he had brought up S in such away that she can even take an auto rickshaw to the wedding or for that matter even the BMTC (for all of you who are wondering what this is it’s the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation People ! 🙂 )

The shattered and battered S was  wondering if the wedding will really go forward ! It did though – S took the car for 1/2 way to the wedding venue and realized that if she took it further than the car will be late to reach J’s place and pick him up as per the scheduled time…So S..her mom and Aunt who were in the Car along with bags of wedding costumes and the make up lady with us – Got off the car in the midst a busy road and had our asked our driver to drive back to J’s place and pick him up. S bravely ignored the Bangalore traffic (The Bangalore Girl She is…) and the sun (that could burn her gold facial away ) With henna on her hands she waved through the busy traffic to stop a rick to ferry them to the wedding venue on time…S – I love you for this..Such a sport forgetting that you were the bride of the day ! Somehow S felt like a run away bride …tempted to ask the auto driver to drive her to never land so she can escape the maddening chaos of the day ! So what’s next…Is the bride gonna run away  ? Of-course not S sped to the dressing hall..got dressed with a veil and tiara on her head..and looked like a perfect bride..and J dressed haphazardly and made a smart looking groom and we tied the knot in church in front of  families that were waiting to kill each other at the fall of a safety pin 🙂


Just Married Please Excuse 

On J and S’s wedding stage – J’s friend R handed over his wedding card written –  “Cordially invited Mr and Mrs  J and S “It was funny feeling to practically see the phrase for the very first time after all the mad chaos that had doomed on us that very day.  “Mr and Mrs J and S” on paper just after a few fresh hours of tying the knot and still on the wedding stage – Simple Pleasures People I tell yaa  ! J and S decided to attend  R’s wedding at Mumbai which was almost a month from their own wedding day..The FIL tagged in with the newly married not being aware of their privacy carvings – but was much eager to show them around  Mumbai as the Fil  had a memorable childhood in Mumbai 🙂 The wedding reception was on a Sunday evening and J and S tagging the FiL along decided to take an early morning flight to Bangalore on monday morning as they had to get back to work…On the day of R’s wedding the FiL took J and S on an ever so tiring trip  around Mumbai and then came the wedding reception that evening..It was a gala time indeed…J danced merrily and they got back to the room past midnight. S set the alarm at 3.00 as they had to take a flight at 6.30 and being the carelessly irresponsible youngsters they were…They dozed off ignoring the alarm…happily dozed off until 5.45 am untill we were awakened by the FIL who also had also tiredly dozed off….We jumped out of bed realising it was too late to catch the flight ! What a way to realise that ” Time and Tide Waits for None ” What an impression created by the brand new ” expected to be responsible – daughter in law ” ! ..We  were stranded at the Mumbai airport the entire day until we cud get on a evening flight the very same day back to Bangalore.  Just Married – Please Excuse – Ok !


Just Married Please Excuse – Part 2

After J and S ‘s wedding which proved an ideal battle ground for both parents to get at loggerheads with each other..J and S started settling into the married life with their hectic life in the semiconductor industry and their corporate schedules ! S started taking the wife’s role seriously and was learning to cook and keep the home, while still on her apps engineering job. Reality strikes and only then S realizes on how much effort it took her working mom to cook, clean and bring her and her sister up. Where am i heading tooo..That’s not the story i’m intending to narrate…Ok here it comes ..

One evening J and S decided to go to a small park inside a defence colony…as they sat in the park enjoying the greenery and serenity ..there came the watchman with a long stick in his hand after a brief discussion with the security personnel whilst pointing his fingers towards us. He came over and asked the terrified and the newly married J n S if they live in the same defence colony…The ever so honest J mumbled a quick ‘NO’..which resulted in strange looks from the security guards  – they lest didn’t throw us out by our necks…but we were droven out of the park…”Just Married – Please Excuse ” How embarrassing to feel that we are trying to be secret lovers trying to cuddle out of the view of the outer world ..The sad part of getting married at 27 and 24 respectively is that almost the entire world mistakes you to be secret lovers – forget even considering the fact that you can be married…But guys we were MARRIED ! We can’t carry our marriage picture with us all the time to show proof of marriage 🙂 …Just Married – Please Excuse  🙂

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11 Responses to Just Married Please Excuse Contest !

  1. Yashodhara says:

    Great job, SJ :)…what a last minute entry!

  2. This was truly a fun read 🙂

  3. hahaha.. you actually missed the flight??? lol 🙂
    part 2 is funny too.. hmm.. now understood why you were so blushing huh 🙂 😉

  4. Jas says:

    ha ha 😀 Such a funny post… awesome..

    • sjscribbles says:

      Hooo..Yaaa..It tickles my funny bone at the thought of those memories of how J and I got married ! The best part is that the abstractness in the LOVE between us still keeps us going, despite the differences … Glad you liked it !

  5. Hello J.,
    Visiting your site first time…. infact I landed up accidentally into ur page… Very funny one this….the narrration coherent & treatment humorous ….it was a pleasure to read it all..Three cheers to your cool blog. I wud love to come bak again 🙂

  6. Pingback: Back with a Bang ! | sjscribbles

  7. Ramya says:

    SJ, This one is really romantic yaar 🙂 The whole plot planned Sealed by God, truly ! I’m sure you won this contest! 🙂

    • sjscribbles says:

      Thanks Ramya !

      In fact , our entire life seems to be planned and sealed by the almighty. Our wedding was an accident, Conceiving M was an accident, moving to Singapore from Bangalore was a miracle when i hated living in with the in-laws….moving from Singapore to Cambridge just happened all of a sudden and am expecting many more surprises from the heavens – he he 🙂

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